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sailfish Rebel Train 2- naiset


Uusi sailfish swimskin Train asu on edullinen power-lycrasta valmistettu asu jokapäiväiseen uintiharjoitteluun ulkona ja sisällä. KTS. kokotaulukko lisäkuvista.

The new training swimskin made of innovative InfinitePower material – gives you the optimal preparation for your race when neoprene is prohibited.

Developed as an alternative for those who want to use their top-of-the-line equipment only when it really matters: the sailfish Rebel Train. A light speedsuit made of our new Power material, which reduces muscle fatigue during training thanks to its excellent compression characteristics. Flat seams ensure good hydrodynamics and a comfortable fit, the underlaid inverted back zipper with drawstring on the back makes for easy wearing and easy opening. To keep the feeling of a swimskin during training without wearing out your high-end suit, choose the sailfish Rebel Train!