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Gold Salt Endurance bar Suklaa-maapähkinä 40g (laatikko / 15 kpl)


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Pehmeä, helposti nautittava herkullinen suolainen energiapatukka. Hiilihydraattipitoinen koostumus nopeaan ravintotäydennykseen suorituksen aikana ja välipalaksi. Vahvaa piristävää vaikutusta tuo vahvemman suolapitoisuuden lisäksi aminohapot, tauriini ja kofeiini (68mg per patukka!). Gluteeniton.  Vegaani tuote. Toimituseränä laatikko, missä 15 patukkaa. Varastoerän parasta ennen päiväys 20.4.2022.

Are your workouts getting bad? Bring them salt! Endurance Salt Bar GoldNutrition are innovative energy bars that combine the sweet taste with the salty one, being created especially for those who practice endurance training.

Salty Energy Bar for Endurance

Endurance Salt Bar are innovative endurance bars since they combine sweet and salty flavours. Ideal to be consumed by endurance practicing athletes during their workouts and tests.

The characteristic that distinguishes this bar from the rest on the market is its salty flavour, providing between 195-197 mg of sodium per bar. This replacement of sodium lost during physical activity is extremely important, preventing situations of hyponatremia (low plasma concentrations of sodium).

They provide between 16-20 g of carbohydrate per bar, with 13-16 g of sugars, allowing for fast absorbing energy supply. Endurance Salt Bar GoldNutrition contains glutamine and branched chain amino acids in its composition, helping to minimize muscle breakdown due to exercise and aiding recovery after exercise. They also contain taurine and caffeine, allowing for more effective muscle contraction, increased concentration and delayed onset of fatigue. In addition, they provide a high thiamine and vitamin B6 content, which contributes to normal energy-producing metabolism and reduced tiredness and fatigue (vitamin B6).

It consists of lipids, hydrates, fibre, proteins, sodium, thiamine, vitamin B6, Caffeine, Taurine, Glutamine, BCAA … The Endurance Salt Bar thus becomes one of the most complete bars on the market.

Ideal bar for:

– Fast source of energy;
– Prevention of muscle loss;
– Prevention of hyponatremia states;
– Endurance modalities;
– All sports lasting more than 1 hour.