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HED. Jet 6 Plus

845,00 1 700,00 

Legendaariset ja laadukkaat HED. kiekot saatavilla kauttamme Suomeen. HED. kiekot valmistetaan käsityönä HED.n Euroopan tehtaalla Espanjassa. Jokainen kiekko käy läpi erittäin huolellisen valmistus sekä laadunvalvonta prosessin. Kiekkojen toimitusaika on varastotilanteesta riippuen 1-3 viikkoa. HED. kiekoilla on voitettu useita Ironman sekä Pro Tour kilpailuja. Kysy tarjousta kiekoista

Ohessa valmistajan tekninen kuvaus tuotteesta:

Perhaps the most versatile wheels in the entire Hed line, the Jet series got even sweeter for 2015. How so? The 4, 6, 9, and disc all received our new 25mm Plus rim design, just like the Ardennes Plus. This rim section is the next evolution of C2 technology, which broke ground in 2007 with a 23mm-wide rim. Wide rims carry a host of benefits including better aerodynamics, better handling, and increased tire volume for improved ride quality and rolling speed. Riders everywhere are choosing fatter tires, and our Plus rims are the perfect match. 

The Jet 6 Plus is ideal for almost any style of riding – road race, criterium, triathlon, Gran Fondo, or whatever you can throw at it.  The 60mm deep rim and Stability Control Technology result in stable handling, and a big dose of True Speed.  The Jet 6 Plus can be used as a front/rear matched pair, or in combination with other rims – such as a front Jet 4 or rear Jet 9. 

  • RIM DEPTH 60mm
  • RIM WIDTH 25mm
  • BRAKING SURFACE Standard CNC alloy
  • RECOMMENDED BRAKE PAD Standard alloy pad
  • HUB MODEL Hed Sonic silver
  • HUB COMPATIBILITY Shimano/Campy 9, 10, 11
  • BUILD AND SPOKES 18/24 std or 20/28 Stallion
  • SPOKE TYPE Sapim CX-Ray
  • WHEEL SIZE 700c
  • INCLUDES Steel Skewers,Valve Extenders,Tubeless Rim Tape