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Gold JELLY bar mansikka 30g (laatikko / 15 kpl)


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Jelly Bars are ideal energetic gum bars for athletes who need an immediate dose of energy during prolonged and strenuous workouts. These bars, with fast-absorbing sugars, are practical and offer a tasty alternative to gels, with a pleasant texture to vary the offer in terms of sugar intake. Parasta ennen päiväys 24.8.2023

All Jelly Bar flavors have a fast-absorbing sugars base (glucose/fructose). Gluteeniton.

Sugar, water, glucose syrup, fructose syrup, pectin (pectin, acidity regulators (E337, E452), maltodextrin), flavours, acidity regulators (E330), corn starch, coating oil (coconut oil, coating agent (E903)) dyes (E129).